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  • Antique Furniture, Lamps
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  • Jewelry & Costume Jewelry
  • Clocks & Watches
  • Porcelain, Pottery, China
  • Fine, Modern & Folk Art (Paintings, Engravings, Prints, Watercolors, Lithographs etc)
  • Glassware & Art Glass
  • Decorative Arts
  • Brass, Bronze & Marble
  • Asian Antiques
  • Toys, Dolls & Model RR
  • Rugs & Carpets
  • Old & Collectible Books
  • Ephemera, Advertising
  • Americana Collectibles
  • Quilts
  • Sculptures, Carvings
  • Antiquities, Primitives
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Collectible & Old Firearms
  • Native American
  • Militaria & Civil War
  • Photography:  Slides, Photos, Daguerreotypes
  • Maritime Collectibles, Maps
  • Scientific Instruments


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Antiques Appraisal and Prices for Antiques & Collectibles

Appraising antiques & collectibles can be conducted in many ways depending on the purpose of the appraisal. However, broadly speaking, there are two categories, one being a formal Appraisal by an accredited Appraiser with all the bells and whistles to serve as a legal document and the other a general estimation of the value or general worth of an item.

Contracting an accredited Appraiser that specializes in antiques or personal property is the official way to obtain a legally binding Fair Market or Replacement value. On the other hand, a basic evaluation is usually performed by finding a few similar items to determine a reasonable price range. Our service can help in both situations by providing an easy and “smart” search on prices for antiques & collectibles that have sold at Auction.

Our database is constantly updated and includes over a million actual Auction records, also known as Prices Realized. The results are displayed in actual photographic images of the items for fast visual recognition. A “compare” button lets you select any number of these auction results to view more details.  The final selection can be printed for your records.

In this site, auction records and results include only items that have actually sold, with full detailed descriptions, when & where sold and the hammer price. This way, you can quickly find a realistic value  range instead of some wishful projected price by a seller found on the web or at an antiques store. This is the type of comparables that are also used by accredited appraisers and are the basis of most official appraisals and antiques valuations.

Our search uses a sophisticated and proprietary internal program that “understands” your question. Even if you know of an item as a Pitcher or Ewer or Jug, a Tray or Salver, a Settee or Sofa, our “smart” search will find all related items regardless of what term you used. This ensures that you get all possible relevant auction records instantly and eliminates the guesswork of what certain auctioneers may call your item. This can be particularly helpful to non-professionals that may not be familiar with all the proper terms used in the world of antiques & collectibles.

Additionally, our “smart” search allows us to present you with accurate results that are timely and current. No unsold or old records are included and all items are complete with photos, pricing and where/when an item sold. More auction results are constantly added and are representative of a wide range of live Auction Houses across the USA & UK in order to provide for a fair and relevant valuation regardless of your location or sales venue.

As a member, you can use our service as many times and as often as you wish. There are no limits on the number of searches and no extra costs or charges. Full access is available for a flat membership rate and all searches are instant with no need to send photographs or descriptions.  Auction results include items from all categories of antiques & collectibles and we keep adding more all the time.